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Essential Raw Collection - Gift Set

Essential Raw Collection - Gift Set

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Our Raw Collection, minus the Raw Body Butter. This Essential set includes our Raw Face Balm (1.35oz), Raw Body Balm (1.35oz), Raw Peppermint Lip Balm (0.33oz), and our Original Raw Lip Balm (0.33oz). Head-to-toe coverage for all skin types, but especially crucial for dry to very dry skin. 

Our Raw Collection is a God-send to those suffering from inflammatory skin conditions and those who have sensitive skin in general.  We are here for all people - including those that are negatively affected by conventional skincare products. 

Makes an excellent and thoughtful gift - and perfect for travel!

Lovingly handmade in the Catskills, NY.

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What is the products' shelf life?

All products' expiration date is 1 year after it is made. You'll likely use them much more quickly than that!

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Yes! We offer multiple options for shipping to the majority of the world.

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100% yes! The paperboard tube and sugarcane label will break down completely in a backyard or commercial composter, or simply, outside in nature. Please do not litter, though.